maandag 10 oktober 2011

Pictures time!

Like I sad last friday I promised pics on sunday! I did take them on sunday but didn't post them. Thats why I'm doing it now! Some friends where asking if I could join a fast dungeon run. So I did it fast. And then I was to lazy upload them. So here they are know!

First up my Tyranids from space hulk!

My 5 Sword Brethren for my Black Templars Army. Used Grey Knights, Blood Angels Death Company, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and of course Black Templars bits.

Also Started with my count as obliterator for my Chaos Army. Also they will be magnitzed to go for my Chaos Wolves and Nurgle Angels.

And also an Objective Marker for my Nurgle Angels. Think I'm gonna put this guy on the StormRaven base. Just for fun!

And of course! Now are my Kill Team Wolves!

Space Hulk Terminators Work In Progress!

Gifts For my work Collega's

And last but so important! My own copy of Space Marine! Can't wait to get my own Chaos Marine in the Nurgle Angels / Chaos Wolves Colors. And of course the Normal Marines will be Black Templars!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. if you are done with space marine, lend it to me pls :)

  2. i'll never gonna be done with it!
    but i thought you're pc couldn't run it?

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