woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Chaos Wolves idea's

So I’ve been thinking about the Khorne wolves for a long time. I’m using the kill team as a excuses to start a extra addition for my Nurgle Angels. A Chaos Warband as I should say. Cause when Chaos Legions comes out. I just have to built some Chaos Marines. And ready I am! I’m also building some models for fun at the moment. Like my count as Obliterators. Are mostly built but not built with missile launchers. Only have one with a missile launcher. I should make 3 more. But I have been slacking alot! But I can show you the Long Fang Squad Leader or the Devastator sergant for my Nurgle Angels. I'm keeping the rusty look for all my "Heavy support guys" Only the melta's get a normal treatment of colors. In both the Nurgle Angels as in the Chaos Wolves army.


I have also taking some pics of the Kill Team Squad. They are based now!
Kill Team All Together
I’m thinking about doing snow base for the rest of the team like this Easy Snow Base - From The Warp. This would be if we go to 500pts of Kill Team. I'm thinking a bit of a look like this:
Picture Taken and Miniature Painted by jimmimellows
I have also been building some extra Chaos Wolves!
Wulfen/Possed/ Wolf Guard with Power Fist? You name it! Back pack and Chaos Hand magnite!
Normal Grey Hunter
Wolf Guard with Thunder Hander & Storm Shield

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