woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Terminator Protectation: Blood Angels Style

So it is time to give the Blood Angels a proper look about their protecting options for the terminators.
Lets see what we take als HQ:
Image From From The Warp
Libby with terminator armor is 125pts or a chaplain with termi armor is 155pts.Lets go with the Libby for his cover save and blood lance, pyshic abilities.
So what did we got last time: Razorback 55pts. If you choose Assault Squad with no jump packs. Only 20points and 100pts for the squad! Take a melta in the 5men squad and you get 130pts.
  • 130x3 + Libby terminator => 515pts
  • 2 x Sanguiary Priest with Terminator armor 170pts
  • 2 normal terminator squads each with Cyclone misslelaunchers. 460pts
  • 1 assault terminator squad with 2 thunder hammers. 210pts
Makes up 1355 pts. So we got 395pts left! Lets take some heavy support for these guys!
Lets take a Furioso Dreadnought with a frag cannon! 125pts. We're gonna add 2 Predators with 2 lascannons as sponsons (270pts). That way we get a nice 1750pts list.

Image From Games Workshop
So these time we got a Furioso Dreadnought and 2 predators to take down the enemy shooting force before they kill the terminators. Of course a Chaplian could be useful too in this list to let the terminators reroll their hits. But I think putting 2 priests with the terminators is a good job. Reroll for feel no pain! So that's very chill!
The libby can protect even the rest of the terminators more if you give him Shield of Sanguinius! 4+ cover save and feel no pain. Will this work? Maybe I have to test run these lists of the "Terminator Protection Style" when I got the time. Will keep you up to date!

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