woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Terminator Protectation: Space Wolves Style

Last saturday I went to the Albion and will I was playing I heard two other folks talk about protecting your terminators. They talked about putting razorbacks in front of them. So that you could just ride to your enemy with the terminators walking behind them. That doesn't sound that bad right? Because if we let them footslog they are more likely to be dead before they get there. So lets do the math abit:
Image from Games Workshop
Blood Angels:
Razorback 55pts. If you choose Assault Squad with no jump packs. Only 20points and 100pts for the squad! Take a melta in the 5men squad and you get 130pts.

Space Wolves:
Razorback 40pts. Lets put a 6men Grey Hunter squad in. 5x 15pts + melta gun 5pts. Total of 120pts!

Chaos Space Marines:
They don't have razobacks. So lets take a Rhino with havoc launcher 50pts. So lets take a normal squad of 5 marines in it + melta => 100pts. Total of 150pts.

Black Templars:
Razorback: 70pts. 5 men unit with melta again =>160 pts The most expensive of the razorbacks for now.

Grey Knights:
Razorback 45pts. 5 men of strike squad 100pts. And lets just give them a Psilincer for the heck of it.

So we have now:
Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines and Black Templars. Lets make a list for this idea!

Space Wolves:
This could be very easy to do. Cause with Logan in your army you can get troop terminators! Grey Knights also but they are for another turn.

Image from Games Workshop
So lets get ourself 3 x Razorback + 5 grey hunters with melta => 360pts. Ofcourse we take Logan, he is 275pts. Makes a total of 635pts. Lets take 14 terminators and divide them in squads of 5.

 Wolf Guard Terminator Squad x2 makes => 480pts
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-plasma and power sword.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-plasma and wolf claw.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-melta and power sword.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-melta and Chainfist.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with cylcone misslelauncher and power sword.
Wolf Guard Squad that walks with Logan in the middle : 312pts
  • 2 Wolf Guard Terminators with thunder hammer and storm shield
  • 2 Wolf Guard Terminators with chainfist and storm shield
  • 1 Wolf Guard Terminators with chainfist, storm shield and a cyclone
Thunderwolf Cavalry: 315 points
5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, Thunder Hammer, Melta Bomb, Boltgun, Storm Shield

Image From Games Workshop
 Makes a list of 1742 pts. Why the thunderwolves? Well to distract your opponent. So that the termiators just walk to him. With the razorback up front killing his troops, cyclone missle launchers shooting/destroying his tanks, Thunderwolves eating the rest that walks around. And final but not least the terminators! To destroy the leftovers!

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