vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

I'm Back! Lots of Pics!

No sorry for me being away. If been away and I have done almost nothing of hobby stuff... Only the last few days I did a bit of painting and modeling. Pictures below! If got 3 weeks of holidays. Construction Holiday it is call in Belgium. But I went on vacation to french, stayed over at girlfriends place, learning for my exams, World Of Warcraft, etc...

But I did got my self a very nice Storm Raven model! I have no clue when to paint or model this... It looks really hard! A Prime MK 2 rulebook for Warmachine, An extra Land Speeder for my Nurgle Angels. The other is almost done building. You also see a few boxes of Gargoyles and Sanguairy Guard (for the evil wings) + a box of Grey Knights and Castellan Crow. Also needs to be build...

stuff to build / read

Ooh and my dice came in! Really nice and fun die! Can't wait to play with them! The first I rolled, roll very good so maybe this will fix my luck?
24 with the Nurgle Angel Logo, 12 normal for the troops and 12 black/red voor Death Company
I Also said I was painting a bit. And indeed I have. I start painting one of my Nurgle Sanguiary Priest.

My Landspeeder I got for my Birthday from my Girlriend :) Finally began to work on it. And magnitsed it of course! Still need to do the heavy bolter, multimelta, heavy flamer and the Assault Cannon.
Drivers to show If i'm playing Nurgle Angels Or Blood Angels

Also today built the last 2 Death Company! One exra Slashy and one shooty dude. + I made a wall! My first piece of scenery!
Peek a Poo! I can see you!
My Warmachine I build in one go! Heavy warjack, the two light warjacks and the solo warcaster I order are build! Cygnar => the Jewels of the Iron Kingdom!
Lancer, IronClad and Charger
My Cygnar Force!
So that was my I'm Back post. I finish with an Angel song! (Its Belgian Metal just so you know)
Channel Zero - Angel's Blood

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