donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Cygnar Warjack Lancer Painted + Dante Nurgle Angel!

So I started this sunday with my Cygnar Lancer! He went really good! First painted him total dark blue, then the metal area's. Gun and hammer. After that dried, a bad of black wash over everything. Let it dry for a day. Then touched up a bit of the rivets on his legs and other places. Did another lighter blue on some parts of his body. Another total wash of black wash. Then an extra light blue with an a few grey highlights. As final an extra wash over the model. Not to much and then a little bit of drybrush with mithril silver.

I also start working on my Dante! Following the rusty gold tutorial found on Coolminiornot. Finished the last 2 washes. Will try to softly drybrush the shining gold on it.

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