vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Display Board

This is something I really wanna do a long time!! A display board.
Now with the Armies on the Parade going on in Games Workshop stores. I'm tempting to make one.
Only problem is have to fix something that I can use for more than one army. On Bolter & Chainsword someone is making this:
Image taken from here. Made by InFlames
 The Hogs of War also went to Wargamescon. And took some pics:
Blood Angels & Imperial Guard
Blood Angels
So this kinda where I'm going for. A mix from the Tyranids board and the Cathedral.
But also keeping in mind for Warmachine. That play board is 6 x 4 feet. The bases for Warmachine are a bit bigger then the Games Workshop ones.
My Templars got ruined stones under them:
Templar Bases
 My Nurgle Angels got spookey bases and chaos bases.
Spooky Bases
Chaos Bases
 So should I go for 3 different boards? Or one normal board? Like the Cathedral? Or I can lazy and just make something like this:
Image From The Grim Dark South

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