dinsdag 30 september 2014


So after Dark Eldar the speculations are that we are going to have Blood Angels! The Angels are back!

Not this kind of Angels.
If we see what the Space Wolves brought I’m hoping Blood Angels get some fast hard hitting unit that has T5 and two/three wounds. Let’s hope they don’t get a “grey knight codex”. Just like people are thinking the Dark Eldar are getting. But we will see that this weekend.
I’m hoping I mix my Nurgle Angels with Khorne Wolves. To get an army just  like I run Chaos Space Marines. Fast hitting and killing stuff. Heck! Maybe games workshop lets Death Company take bikes! Which would be very sweet… a T5, feel no pain unit, 2 attacks standard, reroll to hits, preferred enemy That together with a chaplain. Backed up with some Thunderwolves, Baal Predators,... I can only dream...

Rumours are like these:
via Steve the Warboss
-The Sons of Sanguinius will come soon after Endtimes Book 2. (I hope this)
-GW will use this release slot to replace older Space Marine Plastic sprues. (doubt this)
-4-5 week are realistic. (doubt this)
Enough about the speculations the only thing I painted this week and weekend were the flesh hounds I bought from a buddy. They received a wash, some extra colors and only the base needs to be finished. Other than that lots of tv series have restarted so fun times ahead for me and the misses!!

Herald of Slaanesh on a steed
Fiends built
The Simpson Guy

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