maandag 6 oktober 2014

Challenge 9

So last Saturday 4th October it was Challenge 9! Like always the guys from Roeselare make it a fun and relaxed tournament.

First battle was against Ravenwing with an Imperial Knight. Lots of bikers, Samael in his landspeeder. His command squad in a land raider. I got one time invisibility, summoning normal troops, heralds, plague drones and a daemon prince. I got first turn and I failed the grimoire. So I made that unit invisible so had a bad time shooting them. Luckily for me his first of shooting wasn’t that good. I got in assault second round. Plague drones didn’t do much, screamer star failed grimoire but invisible again, assault attack bikers to get my maulerfiend save. Then his second round of shooting and assault went excellent! Imperial Knight killing the screamer star. Think I should have let him take my pink horrors instead, but still. Killed my maulerfiend and my sorcerer with invisibility. Then it went all downhill for me. Not the right maelstrom cards and such. Failing a charge…. 16-4 for my opponent. Very bad start for me...

Second battle was against Imperial Guard with Dark Angels allies. He didn’t get Endurance so I was luckily with that. I got one invisibility, a bunch of summoning stuff again so fun times ahead I thought. Until he took first turn. So I had to look out that he could shoot a unit in the beginning of his turn. Sadly I forgot the Ignore cover order. So he shot my screamer star in first turn to pieces. And guess what? He had the witch hunter maelstrom (kill a psyker unit)! So 2 points for him. I reduced the damage as much as possible but my spawns only getting one attack per assault phase really killed me… So I went 15-5 here. Bummer!
I could still smile then!

Third battle was versus a wolf deathstar unit! Who I couldn't target with psychic powers. Like fuck me right? Because I had hallucination, invisibility and terrify + psychic shriek. I could kill some stuff! Goddamned! How did it go? Well he placed his entire army in a corner after I deployed in a long line. Just to make sure I could attack him from anywhere.  I moved in a way that he could only attack my screamer star (who didn’t fail a single grimoire this game) so he would have a hard time killing them. First round this would be proven so. Then I charged spawn in to the blob, then a maulerfiend. But in the end I only killed one Thunderwolf lord… and some wolfs. So this wolf star unit with Celestine and a priest will kill a lot of things… 16-4 for jackystar.

Checking list
Trying to lock his wolf star unit

How did I feel after his day? Bad is one word to describe to it! But what can I say?
I don't have the real tools to deal with knights. I could have seized and kick ass in the second battle. I could have had two times invisibility whole the time! But that wasn’t the case.  Since it’s an army where it’s all or nothing. I had three fun battles, meet some new people and got nominated for best painted! Didn’t won it but still. Was fun to be nominated!

Relaxing afterwards
On the side note I finished my Teratons. Teenage Mutant Bashing Teratons! 

And I'm going to London from 10th till 13th October!

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