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40k EVENT Replay - Albion

Saturday 13th september in Kortrijk it was time for a local tournament. 1850 points, almost everything allowed! A ‘civil’ list and lots of funky maelstrom missions. We had some folks from Gent coming to play there. They brought some non-civil list but still it was a blast. 
Damn I dislike Tau!
First battle was a hard nut to crack… Tau! My favorite 40k army. I faced 9 broadsides, 3 Riptipdes, 1 imperial knight and some kroots. Rolled twice Invisibility got first turn so I went in with some confidence. I must confess this was match up that wasn’t in my favor. Surely because of the amount shots and all the ‘Ooh, you are assaulting my friend? I’m shooting too then!’ Really? Who invented that rule… First turn my Invisible screamer star (they failed the grimoir) moved forward right in front of the broadsides. I used one sorcerer and spawn unit to attract the Imperial Knight. IT worked! But I lost the unit. Then I gave it a maulerfiend to eat. Meanwhile I eat two units of broadsides. I also gave him some daemonettes to shoot at. They scored the maelstrom objective so they could go. End of the battle? 13-7 for Tau. It could have been worse!!!
Rolling dice like a "pro"
Tau vs Screamer star
Battle two was against Eldar! This was a battle where I had to ask my opponent everything twice and let him check things. Not because of cheating more of not knowing for sure. He did play the maelstrom missions very good. Did some funky stuff with daemons. Locking a wraithknight with the screamer star. Killing almost all the wraith guard dudes. Holding my objective against his seer council and scoring like that! I also rolled double ones on my leadership test with the pinkies. BOEM! Unit is back! Then the hounds killed his wraith walkers. He scored 9-11 against me.
Me facing the Eldar
Third battle was versus a Chaos Space Marine and Daemon summoning army. He had 10  warpcharges and I had 20…  So I controlled the psychic phase. Everything he tried to cast I dispelled it! Was really frustrating for him… Didn’t get Invisibility this turn but gathered my entire screamer star around his chaos marines so he couldn’t get away. In the end he was complaining a lot that he couldn’t do anything with his list. Sadly I was playing the tactical game and won big against him. 20-0 for me.
See the screamers having fun below the picture?

I end up taking third place of the 12 people there. Happy me! So I bought a box of daemonettes to make some fiends. Next tournament => Challenge 9! 4th of October!

The list I'm took and which I'm gonna tour with till next summer.

ARMY: Chaos Space Marine: Black Legion / Chaos Daemons  
COMBINED ARMS DETACHMENT “PRIMARY” : Chaos Space Marine supplement Black Legion
HQ1 - Warlord : Sorceror (60), axe (0), votlw (5), meltabombs (5), bike (20), ml 3 (50), sigil (25), spell familiar (15)  [180pts]
HQ2 : Sorceror (60), axe (0), votlw (5), meltabombs (5), bike (20), ml3 (50), last memory of yocanthos (30), spell  familiar (15), sigil (25) [210pts]
TROOPS 1: 10 Cultists (50) [50pts]
TROOPS 2: 10 Cultists (50) [50pts]
FAST ATTACK 1: 5 Chaos Spawn (150), Mark of Nurgle (30) [180pts]
FAST ATTACK 2: 5 Chaos Spawn (150), Mark of Nurgle (30) [180pts]
HEAVY SUPPORT 1: Maulerfiend (125) [125pts]
HEAVY SUPPORT 2: Maulerfiend (125) [125pts]


HQ1a : Herald of Tzeentch (45), ml3 (50), disc (25), exalted (30) [150pts]
HQ1b : Herald of Tzeentch (45), ml3 (50), disc (25), lesser (10) [130pts]
HQ1c : Herald of Tzeentch (45), ml2 (25) [70pts]
HQ1d : Herald of Tzeentch (45), ml3 (50) [95pts]

Troop 1 : 10 Pink Horrors (90), icon (10) [100pts]
FAST ATTACK 1: 8 Screamers (200) [200pts]
TOTAL: 1845
Overall results:

Results 40k event Replay/Albion (Overall)
1 (59) Jeroen Janssens
2 (58) Jasper Vandenbroucke
3 (58) Tom Dewilde
4 (55) Kobe Keymeulen
5 (50) Thomas Libeer
6 (46) Tijs Foulon
7 (43) Sebastian Aerts
8 (32) Jens Desmet
9 (29) Tom Roose
10 (24) Francis Decabooter
11 (20) Gregory Boon
12 (14) Sven Desmet

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