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Daemon Princes

So let’s sit down and talk some daemon prince stuff. I love the big guys. They are fun to build and there are some nice conversion out there. One of my favorite is done by GuitaRasmus. His Nurgle Daemon Prince and his Obliterator Daemon Prince. Just look and all the things he used to build his bad boys! And then I haven’t showed all his other stuff. Check it out here: Dark Mech, Nurgle, KhorneTzeentch,
Obliterator Daemon Prince
Nurgle Daemon Prince

Next up everyone their favorite spam person… Goatboy! His painting style is a bit different but his conversion make up for that. It’s more a personally feeling. I only show some of his Daemon stuff. You really should check out his blog.

Daemon Prince ?


His Keeper of Secrets

is one of the guys that really makes your jaw drop. He has done some crazy stuff and I’m looking forward what his going to do with the new fantasy releases. His Daemon Princes really pop with the yellow and all the necron / mechanical parts in it. Out of a Hellbrute he made awesome gorilla daemon prince.

Minatour Prince

Lord Of Change
Keeper of Secrets
Gorilla Prince

Let’s not forget my own daemon princes! First some are pretty standard conversion done. Like a daemon prince jump pack and some trophies on the red guy. He can be used as Bloodthirster or Mark of Khorne Daemon Prince. The blue can be used as any daemon prince. A summoned Lord Of change maybe one day. Then I got the green guy with the big mace thingy. If I use him in games he is used as a Black Mace Nurgle Prince. Then you have my Games Workshop Great Unclean One (metal) and one from Puppetwars (plastic). Mr. Nurgle always tags along now to be summoned. Then I have a count as Keeper of Secrets. Taken from the fantasy Dark Elves range. Pretty simple paint job but a fun model to build and paint. The last Daemon Prince is one of Slaanesh. I did a bit more conversion work on this guy since he has to stand out a bit.
Mr Nurgle
Random Prince
Blood Thirster
Nurgle Mace Prince

Great Unclean One
Slaanesh Prince

Keeper of Secrets

Slaanesh Princess?
Great Unclean / Nurgle Prince

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