maandag 1 september 2014

Monday Bloody Monday!

Idea's! Head exploding!

So now that Grey Knights and Space Wolves got a 7th edition codex. I'm being tempted to go and built some terminators. Long life magnets! Thinking about a terminator heavy army with Space Wolves backed up by some thunderwolves. Heck I maybe go a full Thunderwolf army! Would be awesome too…If it would work? Don't know... I just like to convert stuff! So I ordered a box Skullcrushers of Khorne to work on some Wolf Lord or Iron Priest on an Thunderwolf Mount. Chaos Wolves go! 

Image taken Eternal Hunt

Grey Knights would be something with a lot of Terminators and land raiders moving forward. Shooting stuff. Then some dreadknights and an Imperial Knight thrown into mix just be a bitch. But that’s something I’m not going to do.

Artwork copyright from Games Workshop
Then there is the idea of a Horus Heresy army aka Boarding Breacher Imperial Fists. That I luckily dropped otherwise my hands and hair would have been yellow for a long time… It would have been a cool looking army. Maybe a do a squad to use as Sternguard in my Black Templar army. Or I could go crazy and do a Grey Knight army with 30k terminator armour. Let’s not do that…

Onward to what’s on the painting desk. My two Maulerfiends. One of them has gotten his golden paint on. Afterwards it painting black and red in the block to have my chapter colors come out. 14screamers of tzeentch waiting for paint. Then my Turtle(teraton) Dreadball team. Luckily my girlfriend is going to her French evening classes again so I have Wednesday evening to paint again.

Golden boys!

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