maandag 5 september 2011

Space Wolves: Kill Team models!

So yesterday I built my kill team! Made a new Brother Jonas. Also added Christoph, Glenn and myself to the team. Yes indeed I'm using Khorne Bezerker bits for them and some Chaos Warriors bits also. To create a unique look of the Grey Hunters I'm gonna use them in my Kill Team. Maybe we will up the points to 500.
This is gonna be fun! The Thunderwolf is made but I don't know yet if I will use that list. Gotta mail my lists through before being sure how and what. My Lone Wolf Brother Rolf is on his way to me. Hope to get him thursday so I can put him together.
Brother Amon and Brother Jonas
Brother Tom and Brother Amarth
Brother Glenn and Brother Christoph
"Count As" Thunderwolf Brother Barri
The Egg Gang

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  1. well im a mother fucking sexy mother fucker if i say so my self. but what am i looking at in the sky?

  2. you are ready to kill the enemy that is coming at you! Btw next time no uncivilized words please ;)