donderdag 22 september 2011

Ahoy Matey! Dreadfleet is here! + Nurgle Painting

So lost of folks have been waiting for this new thing! A new limited edition boardgame of Games Workshop.
Image From Games Workshop
Dreadfleet is a standalone boxed game for two (or more) players that includes everything you need to make war on the high seas of the Warhammer world. At your command are two fleets of ships - the Dreadfleet led by the Vampire Count Noctilus, aboard his gargantuan sea-hulk the Bloody Reaver; and the Grand Alliance commanded by the Pirate Captain Jaego Roth, who recently stole the Heldenhammer - the pride of the Imperial Fleet, and one of the largest galleons to ever sail the high seas. After his family's death at the hands of Count Noctilus, Captain Jaego Roth is after revenge and no one will get in his way.
More about this game you can find in this post of What's New Today.
Image From Games Workshop
The scenery of the game looks nice! So does the boats. The Chaos Dwarf boat reminds me abit of Dark Eldar but that could be just me! My order was placed the moment I got in my LGS.

My Nurgle Painting progress is going good so far. My Assault Marines are going okay. Almost done. About the 90%. Only thing I fear is that I will not have enough jump packs... Yesterday I made all my base's and coated them. My marines have squads marks on them. Tonight it is Landspeeder time + base painting! Stormraven is undercoated. But will start painting next week. Hope to get it done by friday! Saturday I want my Death Company Dreadnought built and undercoated. So he will get the same colors as my Stormraven.
Ooh and on the side note I passed my examens! And I'm now a 3th year Student of Assistent Architect.

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