dinsdag 30 december 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 was a hell of year! 

Party hard!
In the middle of the year I slacked a bit... Don't shoot me

January I painted some grey knights

February painted a bunch of Nurgle Chosen
In march seems like I painted nothing. Only played a tournament and got Third place.
Then I slacked until August. And I raise from the death!! (normally you do that in october but I was a bit faster.
But I came back with a blast:
Imperial Guard Squads
Terminators from the past!
Going the daemon way
September I painted some big guys:

2 Maulerfiends
Heralds all the way!
Screamer star HQ
First batch of screamers!
October was a month never to forget.
I got engaged
Painted old school daemons
and some kick ass Teratons!
November was the month of not shaving your mustache
of Orange daemonettes
and even more daemonettes!
December was a relaxed month:
Nurgle Beasts!
More screamers!
Painted two units of Drones
Thanks for everyone reading the blog so far! And yeah I do know my english isn't allways great...
Only answer I have for that is:

And lets Run wild in 2015!!
Its gonna be a fantastic year! I just feel it!

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