dinsdag 9 december 2014

Blood Angels

What can I say? Blood Angels got me excited until I’ve read the rumors…

Wooohoo! Was my first taught when I saw them on the White Dwarf

Really I’m disappointed games workshop! I had a shitload of marines with jump packs and I was hoping to have jumping marine army again. Well luckily I magnetized every single marine so I can swap between backpack & jump pack. 
  • Death Company is now elite as is DC dreadnought
    • Bah don't like this! Its gonna be crowded in there! (way to much in that slot)
  • Predator Baal is Heavy Support
    •  Sad about, but i'm ok with it. (I don't have any so I'm fine)
  • Librarian Dreadnought is HQ
  • Mephiston is HQ and IC
    • Guess who's gonna be field alot now (his gonna rule!)
  • Dante and Gabriel Seth are Lords of War
  • All units have now Furious Charge
    • Okay, can be promising (+1 S on the charge)
  • Only troop choices are Tactical squads and scouts.
    • Bloody hell! Lots of people cursing because of this... ME included!
    • The Jump pack armies where THE style of BLOOD ANGELS
  • Sanguinary Priests costs about the same as a Wyvern, are HQ, and units they joins get +1WS and FnP. The are IC btw
    • 65 points for this dude? Hopefully you can take them 1-3 again. They can take a bike so I predict we will see them alot in Biker armies
  • Vehicle Type Fast vehicles are: Rhinos, Razorbacks and Baal Predators. Standard Predators can buy the Fast upgrade.
    • Okay some things changed here. Vindicator not being fast, no more land raiders for everyone....
  • Detachment
    Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
    Optional: as usual, but 3 additional Elite (Total 4)
    Special rule: +1I when charging, all the army, any turn always on?
    • This!! Is gonna be fun!!
*sigh* Games Workshop what did you do?
I'll let the book decide if I'm gonna play the Angels again... I'll see sunday! Then the problem will be... Do I keep playing Nurgle Angels or go Black Templar upgrade style?

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