maandag 15 december 2014

Almost vacation time!

"I feel a disturbance in the force"

So I painted, built some models and I watched some movies last weekend! That means I got some stuff done! Also cooked a bit but that’s beyond the point.
I got the Blood Angels codex and damned! Sanguinary Priests aren’t like I hoped they would be. Knew there would be catch… Only Blood Angels units from the Codex can get the + 1 WS… Ooh well… I still think it would make good allies with Space Wolves… I would take Space Wolves as main then and Blood Angels as allies. 

“Chaos Twilight”
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Powers Fist and Stormshield  and the Wulfen Stone
Wolf Priest on a bike
2x Iron Priests on a Thunderwolf with 3 Cyborg Wolves.
2 units of 10 grey hunters.  1 rhino, (the other one gets a fast rhino from Blood Angels)
Fast Attack:
2x 5 Thunderwolves Cavalry. With a power fist or so in the in the unit.
Sanguinary Priests on a bike,
2 tactical squads in rhino’s
Fast Attack:
1 Rhino.

That’s the main thought. Its needs some tweaking but we will see where we go with it.Enough talk. Here come the pictures!

Plague Drones squad 1
Plague Drones squad 2
Beast of Nurgle
9 Screamers of Tzeentch
Kairos Discord Fateweaver

If you need to do an exorcism. You're welcome!

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