zondag 9 december 2012

Inspiration: Death Guard army

Let's do a few posts where I get my inspiration. Just to inspire you folks out there also.
I get my inspiration from alot of things. Books, music, movies and of course forums with awesome threads! One of that threads is the Death Guard Warband Showcase from GuitaRasmus! Who did an awesome job making an Death Guard Army! This aren't my models! These are models from GuitaRasmus!

His Daemon Prince
Possessed dreadnought  
The Lieutenant for his army

Terminator Squad
Land Raider
Plague Marines 1
Plague Marines2
Obliterator 1
Obliterator 2

Second Dreadnought

Wasp Prototype
His Awesome Fly thing
His Awesome Fly thing
Black Knight Defiler
Daemon Prince Allies
Plaguebearers as Allies
Hellbrute V1
Hellbrute V2

Typhus V1

Typhus V2
So there you have it Papa Nurgle his army! His Fly thing is just plain win. Also his Black Knight Defiler just screams to be used as a dreadknight in a Chaos Grey Knight army. Yeah I know you fluff bunnies don't like it.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a extra Hellbrute just make a it plasmacannon firing bastard! What makes this army so amazing? The level of conversions, the painting on the models, the use of skaven and vampire counts bits. Really his man did an amazing job to represent a Death Guard Army! Next up will be his World Eater army!

Saw Stone Sour in Torhout De Mast on 8december 2012. I hope to see them again on Graspop 2013!!

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