zondag 25 november 2012

Warpstorm 2012

So it was Warpstorm 2012 this weekend in Oostende. For the people who don't where Oostende is, it's at the sea. A 40k Tournament with 1750pts limit and 3 battles to play.
I had 3 good matches and fun day. I learned also something this tournament, always! but always take a chainfist or something to kill a land raider in your terminator squad... That mistake really did cost me the match. Ooh well I shot his 2 stormravens out of the air. Overpower Quad Gun for the win! My zombies did a good job again versus terminators! Really I love my brainless dudes with 6+ armour save and 5+ feel no pain! I lost the battle but had a great time. 

Next battle was against Skyrar's Dark Wolves. Only thing that bothers me is that I was so full of it that he wouldn't deepstrike close to me. Bye bye land raider! Ooh and the epic battle between Typhus en Logan Grimnar. Logan lost his head and Typhus get a powerfist in his face. And in this battle my zombies didn't really hold their ground... Been killed by a group of puppies... Papa Nurgle isn't happy! Lost this one also. Sadly we didn't do another turn because of the time limit. I think it we did I got maybe 50% of drawing the primary.  AND I should have remembered that I had kill more of his units... I should have focused on the drop pods and not on the units with my predators. Stupid!!!  

Last view of the land raider before he was shot by multi melta!

Battle 3:
Space Wolves again! 4 rune priests, 30 grey hunters, 2 long fang squads, in a bastion, Venerable riflemen dread and a typhoon land speeder. I won this one thanks to rapid fire from my plague marines, a overwatch from the melta on his lonely Runepriest (killed his squad) and that his dreadnought couldn't assault me. Thanks to this big win I surpassed my previous opponents. Something I didn't suspect to happen!

Lets do the "It stay behind cover game"
I must I was lucky enough not to face 6 vendetta flyers, Necrons or any other though army. I really have to think of something to crush Necrons (Yes, I dislike them so much...) something to fight flyers, hordes army and vehicles. Pfew! That's' for another post!

"Guys! We got robots incoming!" - "No Problem serg! I melt them!" 
"If got his"
Nr: 21 of 36!
With posting this picture I promise myself to paint atleast an half hour a day

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