zaterdag 22 december 2012

Dark Angels are coming!

Yeah like most of the people know the Dark Angels coming to town in January. I'm looking forward to this because they will be the codex I will play my Black Templar Wing with. 
2 land raiders are for sure in that list filled up with terminators! If a librarian seems pretty good I will make a Grey Knight dude act as librarian. Since I have around 15 terminators. Some with a storm bolter others with Dual Wielding lighting claws or Thunder hammer + Storm Shields. I think I have my troops covered got 1 Sergeant Gideon convert to a Black Templar Marshal. My count as Belial, if he still gets his Thunder hammer + Storm Shield upgrade. Metal Chaplain laying around waiting for some paint. 2 dreadnoughts and one old school contemptor dreadnought! I'm still hoping Black Templar get a GOOD White Dwarf treatment. What I hear about Sister of Battle makes me a sad panda and I hope for the best that I can play them some day again as Black Templars. But for now they will be count as Dark Angels.
Now some white dwarf pictures to finish of this post and some conversion work I did last night for my Nurgle Angels:

Belial the big dude who Death Wing Terminators unlocks
Command Squad
Some very nice Terminators!
I'm not so sure about the Ravenwing bikers. Will see what they do in the codex
One big NO!
Maybe / most likely one of thece flyers
 Nurgle Angels Plasma Gunners:
Left one is a crazy plasma gunner
Left one is getting into a pre oblit phase

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