donderdag 20 december 2012

Call of Chaos Update December Month

Damn time flies when you are having fun! Am I having fun? Yeah, a little bit. Tomorrow last day of work going to be hectic as always. But let's not get distracted!! A positive thing about the last day of work is that I will have 2 weeks of vacation ahead of me! I'll also have to do a lot of schoolwork then but! I'll be able to do some more painting in those 2 weeks!  For now I did this for my Call of Chaos update:

Washes done
More color on the model + highlights

I built Aegis Defence Line for my Nurgle Angels!  Finished my Rune Priest for the Albion Autmun painting and also the Nurgle Chaos Lord on foot for Call of Chaos. (see above) Also got some spare Chosen from Dark Vengeance and a Hellbrute. I'm looking forward to convert those models! 
More pictures below:

Rune Priest
Chaos Aegis Defence Line
Chaos Lord of ? Don't know it yet. If his gonna be khorne I'm gonna change his sword.

And last but not least I want wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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