maandag 30 juli 2012

Nurgle Angels 5th Edition Army + Extra's

Like promised I did take pictures from my 5th Edition army and the extra's I have built for it! Some stuff are Chaos Marine army or Space Wolves. But here it is my Nurgle Angels 5th Edition Army shoot!
Death Company Dreadnought Siphona
Drop Pod
Death Company Dreadnought & Drop pod
Death Company Storm Raven Black Death
Furiso Libby & Dreadnought
Chaos Marine Obliterators
2 Multi Melta Attack Bikes
Land Speeder Justinianic and Land Speeder Bubonic
3 Predators
Combat Squad Tely One with Razorback Ride
Librarian Pasteurella & Honour Guard with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Plague One with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Angel One with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Horny Alpha Sick with Razorback Ride
Devastator Squad or Long Fangs
Sanguinary priest Buboes and Sanguinary priest Gavocciolos
Terminator Librarian Nigrum
 LibrarianYersinia & Astorath the Grim
Objective Markers (I need to built 3more)
Chaplain Cheopis and the Death Company
Sanguinary Guard + Commander Danpestis
Commander Danpestis
Assault Squad Plague Two
Assault Squad Horny Beta Sick

 And now for the master and commander for the Chaos Space Wolves:
Wolf Lord Wodan - Count As Logan Grimnar
Arms Magnitezed so that I can give him other equipment

Also I finished my High Elf horse for my Girlfirend! Its been laying around here for a few years.

I got myself a Ghoul King from Vampire Counts! I love the big zombie dragon it normally sits on! But I'm fine with this little bitter also! He needs to get his loincloth and claws done.

And thanks to my girlfriend If got a new way to give my Rhino's a more army look. First cut out from cardboard and then I used some Blu Stuff on it for a mold. Then in 3 minutes or more I could make a greenstuff mold from it.
Back Side of the Rhino's!
Brutus and his minions!

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