dinsdag 3 juli 2012

I got my Gamers Edition!

So now that's out of my system! I got my 6th Edition rulebook! I'm glad I got it! If read so much stuff about it already. And it made me wonder if it all was true! Most of it is true! I ordered this one because the handy back and the fancy dice! Also so I that I got a cool lasgun power pack I feel like an Imperial Guard now! Ooh yeah!! But first a short picture time of what If been up to lately.
We are going to play Infinity at our Local Game Store, I choose Caledonian Highland Army! A Scottish army! Ooh yeah! Grounds keeper willy there friends! 

With the possible death company blood angels army's I decided to kitbash one out of a Chaos warrior legs & head, Chaos Knights torso and death company bolters and chaos space marine backpack. I end result is a bit bigger than a normal marine but looks cool in my eyes!

I'm thinking for a terminator based Templar army with Deathwing allies! HQ command squad with terminator chaplain in a land raider, Emperor champion in a drop pod unit. Thinking for two shooty squads. And then Belial in land raider crusader with some terminators. Maybe some terminator squads for the rest of points. 

That explains the bleached bone terminator. 
The chaos Wolves terminators are my vow for the Albion Summer Painting challenge! I taught it was a good idea to stimulate people to paint more of their army. Long live magnets!

 The 2 Sanguinary Guard models are with the finished wings!

I also need to photograph my Nurgle Army for my last 5th Edition Tournament.
For my Black Templars I might consider Space Wolves also! Thunderhooves Calvary! I say also because I'm going to twilight saga with my Nurgle Angels! It fits my fluff so good!! I will wait a bit before I find a real good tactica about Blood Angels and Space Wolves and what army style to go with now. If got a feeling Terminators are back! Sanguinary Guard army / Dante Wing might also be cool. So much idea's I've got at the moment! Looking forward to my first 6th edition game!!

That are indeed some nice looking Forgeworld Packages aren't they? Well the Templar shields are for my Templar Terminators! Really nice looking stuff. The World Eater is going to be my take on Wodan (my count as Logan Grimnar) then last but not least! Space Marine Terminator Weapon set. Well also for my Chaos Wolves of course! Now where did I leave my instant mold and green stuff?
Just the left arm I have but still!
Picture from Forgeworld

The way Thunderhammer Terminator should look like!
Picture from Forgeworld

Wodan the destroyer!
Picture from Forgeworld
  Now some pictures from my bag!.

The Big Rule Book in all its glory
I want both on the bag!
Still room left for tape measurment, other dice, templates and codex
Dice holder

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