woensdag 25 juli 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Yep it's been what? More than a week that I touched a paintbrush! The reason for this = camping vacation with my girlfriend! We went to La Roche en Ardenne a "small" place in the Ardennen in Belgium. And I hate the S turns there... Always when its going up or down... We also went for a day to Aachen! I visited the Games Workshop there and bought myself a "German" Emperor Champion called G√ľnther. I had a little chat with Jonas a german GW dude. 
He was also thinking what could be next month release. First thing he said was Chaos so I got my hopes a bit for Chaos Space Marines but it are Chaos Daemons!! Bleh! Although the Nurglings and the plaguebearers are cool I first have to wait till Chaos Marines comes out! I also found myself my Daemon Prince there! Meet Brutus! 
With this I finish my small post and be back on Monday with hopefully a lot of pictures from my 5Th edition Blood Angels army and will start thinking about my 6 Th Edition Blood Angels / Space Wolves Army. And most likely are my Black Templars going to be Dark Angels.

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