zondag 12 augustus 2012

WIP Display Board

So remember this picture folks?

This week I finally worked on it!  I used a metal plate for the magnets in my bases. So I can put my figures on it and not fall of all the time. I'm going to put some in my rhino's also!  
Display board with  some sand on it! But I was out of glue so I had to get some more glue... And now It looks like this:
I had for today a wonderful assistant! My girlfriend cut out of the edge for board.
I cleaned the board from  rest over's of the  glue.
Then came the fun stuff! Using silicon glue for the gluing!
And then I found out that my tube was broken!!
Time to do it with hands...

A very dirty and sticky job! But It was worth it!
I'll get the edge's from it tomorrow when it has dried
The total look of the board! Tomorrow it's another layer of sand on it. Then lets spray it black and then painting time!

Sadly my dog got hit by a rhino! His in the hospital :(

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