maandag 25 juni 2012

Black Templar Vow and 6th!

So I had to paint up some Black Templars for the Black Templar Crusade Expansion!
With them done! I do feel the Black Templar vibe again! I present you my Crusade expansion:
All the neophytes I had left,  5 assault terminators, 5 Sword Brethren (the golden head power armor marines) and a big bunch of shooty Templars. Cause I fear shooting will be their thing! Also have Land Raider to be painted! But if you scroll down and watch the pictures you will read about my other idea's! I also painted the last 2 rhino's for my Nurgle Angels Army +  the drop pod for the Furiso Dreadnought! Lets hope that they will preform good in battle! In 2 weeks! Belgian Grand Open! I painted with my girlfriend this weekend! Finally a full weekend together again! She painted half the punch of tyranids from Space  Hulk! I allready painted my half! After there done Its time for the Terminators!
4 Sword Brethren
Lighting Claw Sword Brethren
Assault Terminators
Assault Terminators
Shooty Templars
Shooty Templars
Close combat neophytes
Shooty neophytes
Close Combat neophytes
The Vow Complete

I  do have fate in Games Workshop making 6th better! I'm looking forward to the Allies! Man I'm gonna team up with Grey Knights as Black Templar! Nurgle Angels will be joined by their friends in the fluff the Chaos Wolves!  So yes I'm really excited about the new book! I do hope that my Local Store has it friday! Well I ordered the gamers edition! For the bag and the dice! As it looks now for 6th there will be a lot things to keep in mind! For example there is a rumor that it will allways be night fight! What the hell men? Always night fight?  So everything will have to roll to see if it can hit! This means that necrons with Imotekh are out! Also Death Company will be very interesting if the rumours are right! 2attacks extra if you charge! So let's see: standard they get 2 attacks on the profile then extra for close combat weapons. They if you charge! You get 2 attacks because you are rage! So this means 5 attacks on the charge!! First I will see how the other things are going to be like Hull Points, Over watch and all! But who knows maybe they will get a Land Raider ride!?
All things for this weekend! If my Store gets my gamers edition!! Lets pray!

How I feel about 6th

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