dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Games Workshop vs alternate wargame products

So at our local game store we did a vote for what other games we would play except Games Workshop. The price increase is for me not so much a problem => only the land raider + stormraven is a big suprise! Well lets to be honest I allmost fell of my chair!

Colette from Malifaux

What could we vote for:
  • Warmachines / Hordes
  • Flames of War    
  • Dust warfare/tactics    
  • Malifaux    
  • Leviathans
  • Dystopian wars
  • Historical
  • Mantic games
  • Helldorado
Warmachine army example
At the moment Warmachine/Hordes got the most vote + Dust Warfare. My personal vote was Warmachine/ Horders + Malifaux and everything else. Basiclly because in Belgium we got tournaments for Warmachine and Malifaux! Wich some of my far live by friends play. So it would be fun to see them! Also not much models needed for both! So there you have it I may be goign to other wargame! Never the less will 40K still be my favorite because 6th edition is just around the corner! And Chaos Space Marines being the first 6th edition codex! I'm psyked!

Bring on the pain!
Artwork from Games Workshop

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