donderdag 5 januari 2012

2012 planning

Last post I said my plans for 2012.
What do I aim for 2012?
- trying to do highlights.
- expand my Nurgle angels (vehicles and extra units) and redo them with highlights.
- Black Templar redo
- maybe Black Templars when they get a new codex!?
- Finish all my miniatures I have laying around
- snow base all of my bases
- ooh and not to forget! Count as Logan Grimnar Wing!?
- A displace tray for the armies?
Lots of work to redo
Now lets see how I will do this. First of no Skyrim for me! Only Space Marine when the girlfriend is here. the Wii is one thing I'll maybe do a bit.
My shedule to plan things will be this:
- every sunday I will try to do painting on my Libarium Painting Challenge.
 This has to be done before 25the February:
                     * 1 devastator Squad
                     * 3 Razorbacks
                     * 1 Sanguinary Priest
- Week 1+2: I will start testing highlighting + test damage armour
- Week 3: start redoing Combat Squad 1 for the Green Knight Double Tournament
- Week 4: start redoing Combat Squad2
- And so on... I will try to keep this on for the next months.

Devastator Squad will look like this:

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