woensdag 6 juli 2011

Black Matt's Black Legion Inspirations

Yesterday I went through Black Matt's Black Legion his blog. And damn he got some nice models!!

For example I'm gonna borrow this idea for my melta guys. This one is for his Chosen Squad.
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Also the models he posted from a guy called Nagamo are nice to point. They count as Plague Marines. They can be found in this post. The model under is count as having a powerfist, I guess. Gonna make something alike for sure!
Model from Nagamo
Bloodcrushers, put a marine on them and you get a cool effect! Matt did a great job with these:
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
The above is what I think one of the cool things he have done.! It just scream WORLD EATER!
If you go through his Black Legion Army Construction you'll find lots of cool pics of his conversions. Think someone is fan of the Dark Angel Upgrade set + Chaos Warriors! Can you blame him?

He is also a part of the Blood Angel Army for Heroes Of  Armaggedon.
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Yes indeed this dreadnought of the Death Company is using balls as his blood claws. Luckely the finished model looks like this:

Image from Black Matt's Black Legion

With this I finish my blog about Matt. He has some cool models on his blog and you really should go watch them! It can be found here.

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