woensdag 13 juli 2011

Nurgle Angels: Final List!?

So last week I mailed with Kirby from 3 ++ is the new black. This was about my Nurgle Angels List.
I was getting frustrated I didn't get any win with them yet. So I mailed some one who could help me out.
His respond:

The first list was better really but having the Death Company is going to limit you. What I'd look to so is move your list more towards one of these two arch-types: Blood Skies or Blood Hammer. What they do is overcome a lot of the main weaknesses a pure Jumper army has (i.e. your first list) by adding ranged firepower. You can try and keep the Death Company if you wish but they are quite expensive and not always worth it. If you did keep the Death Company I'd use them instead of the Furiosos in the Blood Skies type list without Jump Packs. This keeps their cost down whilst still being an effective combat unit.

Image from Games Workshop
I came up with his list:
  • Libby with a JumpPack (125pts)
  • 3x 10 marines. with 2x melta and powerfist. (705pts)
  • Priest 2x with powersword (180pts)
  • Storm Raven with typhoon and hurrican bolters (255pts)
  • Land Speeders + Typhoon (180pts)
  • Chaplain (100pts)
  • 9x Death Company with Power Fist (205 pts)
Total of 1750 points.

I kept my Death Company to be a kill unit. They will be in the Storm Raven! Muhahaha!

Land Speeders to be as a heavy unit. Storm Ravens got 4 blood strikes and Power of the machine spirit so that is gonna be fun!  The rest is a pretty standard setup for Descent of Angels.

Any thoughts?

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