maandag 6 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: Nurgle how to do?

So I have been thinking. How should I do my other squads? Like my Sanguiary Guard? How do I paint them? Normal Gold? Or just rusty? Here are a few options I wanna share with you guys.

Rusty like this?
Or a squad totally green like this but then with alot of Angel icons on them:
Or some plague stuff like this:
A squad of those is also a easy but expensive way:
I'm kinda lost so maybe some one can help me out?
I'm thinking:
  • Sanguiary Guard: Rusty metal look.
  • Vanguard Squad: A mix of forgeworld stuff
  • Sanguiary Priest: Also a rusty look.
  • Dante: Also a rusty look?
  • One squad totally with nurgle gifts.
What you think?

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