maandag 27 juni 2011

Chaos Expansion!?

So with the storms of magic out now. I saw the Chaos Lord on Manticore model. And I must say. Doesn't this guy scream to be  a chaos wolf? A Count as Canis Wolfborn to be honest! And then the rest of the Wolf Guard on a Juggernaut. Damn the idea alone makes me wanna buy the models!

Image from Games Workshop
And also looking at those Thousands Suns:
Image from daemonclaw
They would fit in a Black Legion warband for sure! But I will wait until the 6th Edition of 40k will come out next year. (If it comes out then!) And with Chaos Legions as the first codex?! Damn right I'm going chaos!
Hmm I just can't wait to see what kind of plastic Chaos marines there will be. New Khorne Bezerkers? Of course: Plastic Nurgle Marines, Noise Marines and Thousand Suns! I wish I could time travel!

Storms Of Magic brings also very nice terrain! The Magewarth Throne could be awesome to use for a Chaos Lord  his Throne! Yes indeed I'm thinking about a display board! I need to fix me one for my Black Templars aswell... And the tale of this month will be one Libby, 5 Nurgle Angels and one Devastator marine with heavy bolter.
Image from Games Workshop

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