donderdag 23 juni 2011

Favourite Mini

As Warflake40knoob is making a contest for his followers I joined the idea. "Make a post of your Favo model you have." The link of the post can be found here.
Currently my favourite Mini is this one:

Because he has 2 close hand combat weapons? Well maybe a bit yeah. The axe is made out of Space Wolves Frost Axe. The legs from Dark Angels upgrade box, Torso, chainsword and Head are from Chaos Space Marine box. The Shoulderpads + Jump pack are from the Death Company Squad. He is also one of the first Nurgle Angels I made so that makes him abit my favourite.
He joins his brothers in battle as a blood manic! I still have to make 2 other brother for him to complete the squad. Maybe an extra shooty bastard so they can team up.

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