vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: List change!

Last night I got killed again by guardsmen and there tanks. Even against orks I'm having problems.
Time for a different approach
No more of this! Thats why I'm changing my list (again)! I'm scrapping Dante and his guard, Lemartes is scrapped also! I'm adding 2 librarians in replacement, a stormraven. This gonna be a big black/red bird. How is going to carry my Death company and there babysit (a normal chaplian) to the battle! Also instead of 2 priest I'm going for 3 priest! And extra Assault squad!
That makes my 1750 list something like that:
  • 2 Libarians with jump packs
  • 3 Sanguiary Priests with jump packs and power swords
  • 1 Chaplain 
  • 1 Stormraven
  • 9 Death Company with Power fist, Power weapon and Thunderhammer
  • 3 squads of 10men with 2x Meltagun and Powerfist on the sergant
Yes you've read it good!Death Company on foot. With the Stormraven if will haven them dropped close to the enemy. And so I can still make use of them. I could put in extra dreadnought! But thats maybe for my 2000pts list? Atleast I think that! Libby will give cover saves. This should work better! I hope! 45 marines to kill! 10 foot slogging. Lets pray next month I get my first winning point in the Tale!

Santa Cruz Warhammer Death Company painted for Heroes of Armageddon

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