zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Slacking a bit

I’m slacking a bit because work has been busy. After work I need to do household stuff, a wedding to be prepared, built some marines and bikes, went to a training day, then another extra one, …
Hover Dog!

I had to finish my February units for the zone mortalis 1000pts. My praetor and contemptor dreadnought are finished! I did hate working that yellow up… So bloody hell! On a side note I think I know what to do with the other marines. So lots of yellow marines ahead!And some Wolves also! Since I'm a stepping in to help North Ireland in the 6 Nation Cup in 3 weeks! Can't say much about the list so yeah let's go onward to something else! 

If been building Thunderwolves and Bikers. Because I’m thinking of going full Wolves! Or Marines and Wolves. Have to test out a bit. I’m thinking Chapter Master & Chaplian on Bike, Command squad with grav, 2x melta biker squad, 1 grav bike squad, Wolf Lord on TWC, 2x Iron Priest with both taking 4x cyberwolves and then of course a TWC unit with a bunch of Fist and Shields in. I can make 2 stars and I have 3 troops who can go and get objectives.
Another list would be Thunderwolves and Dark Angels! Yeah, I know in the 40k fluff where Horus betrays his father they aren’t really "friends". But in The Dornian Heresy the Dark Angels are the guidance guys for everyone. So they are best buds! Since Wolves went the Khorne way...
The list idea is: get Sammael on his jetbike, a Ravenwing command squad with hit and run banner, 2x 6 Ravenwing bikers (so I can have 4 troops choices),then 3x Iron Priests, 3x Wolf Guard Battleleader  and a unit of TWC to finish it off. I do have to test both lists to see how they go...
Now for some WIP:
Wolf Guard & Wolf Lord
3x Iron Priests
See below

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