dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Wolves and Vikings

In Space!
So if been painting like crazy to get everything painted and based for the 6 Nations Cup! Everything is done! Now I can focus on my other stuff! For the Horus Hersey Tale aka my Imperial Fists I had to put in a joker. With the painting that needed to be done! Also last weekend I had my bachelor party. I was the Doctor and I had to save the universe of the Daleks! With singing (don’t ask), kissing people, solving puzzles, painting eggs and then laser shooting! Fun night! Now I’m ready to get married!
I’m playing for North Ireland this weekend kind of nervous how everything will turn out. The whole pairing and defense lists will be a great lesson to learn. As well as the chance to play against some guys who are going to ETC! I’m psyched for it! After the 6 Nations my painting board will be full of 20 yellow marines, Thunder Wolves, Terminators (yellow and chaos ones) and my painting material for Highlander Easter Event! Now for some pictures!!
Cyberwolves unit 1
Cyberwolves unit 2
Cyberwolves unit 3
Wolf Guard Battle Leader & Wolf Lord
Iron Priests 1 & 2
Iron Priest 3

And such for fun

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