maandag 12 augustus 2013

Moved and much more

So it’s been some time since I moved and my vacation has come to an end! I can say it was a pretty productive vacation. The apartment looks great. Only need to get some pictures from family and friends to print. Then something to hang up above the tv and the miss has to paint 8 Multicolor Warhol paintings.

Zombies built by the miss
Some extra Plague bearers bringing the green and pink squad to ten

Also in miniature work I did a lot. Got 8 zombies from mantic and 10 zombies from Games Workshop built and painted. Only have to fix the bases for them. My bloodthirster, Mister Nurgle, Nurgle Daemon Prince and random Daemon Prince are done. My 2 Beasts of Nurgle are also done. The juggernaut lord is built and painting has begun. Taking it slow cause his my first sculpting I ever done.

Khorne Lord on Juggernaut
Side view
My original helldrake is also built and primed black. I’ve got some chosen waiting for a paint job, a Hellbrute and some Cygnar Warjacks as well. Seems like I still know what to do.
On a side note I met Aaron Demski Bowden. He was in Ypres and if there is one thing the English go and see it is the Last Post. So I went and I met him. Had a short talk and asked for an autograph. Fun times!  Other than that I’m looking into allies for my Chaos I miss a lot shooting so Tau maybe? Necrons? Or Imperial Guard? It will be most likely Imperial Guard cause I have a lot stuff already laying around for an army. Only thing I doubt is the Manticore or some Leman Russ tanks? 
And one thing that has put me down a bit is that Black Templars are in the Space Marine Codex. This means that I will be walking around with a smurf on my codex cover... But maybe it will not so bad and I'll have a great blast with them? Will see... 

Time for some more photo’s!
Chosen Mark of Nurgle
Banner/ Icon dude
Weapon specialst
Spawn + Mr. Nurgle
Nurgle Beasts & Black Mace Prince
Helldrake 2
Painted Mantic Zombies
Mantic Zombies
Paint in Progress on the Khorne Lord
Black Mace Prince painted
Painted Bloodthrister
Random Daemon Prince
Ikea Display Cases!
Nurgle Beasts and Plaguebearers
My workingspace now
Painted Mr. Nurgle
Some boardgames and above the storage for not painted models
Helldrake from above!
Nurgle Sorceror!
Nurgle Dark Apostle

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