maandag 17 juni 2013

Back for good!

So I’m back! This time school is fully over. I've got positive feedback. Not like some other people… That will teach the backstabbers.
I didn’t paint much this past 2 months, because of school. Missed 2 tournaments but since I’m now finished with school it was a small price to buy. I’ve painted some Inifity figures, 3 terminators and the other cultists who where in the Dark Vengeance box. What’s on the planning for me now? First off all I’m going to live together with my girlfriend. After 4years the day is almost there. Only 2 weeks left!
  • Play some World Of Warcraft until I move
  • Put everything in boxes for the big move!
  • Unload everything from the boxes and give it a place
  • Built and paint my scratch built Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut of the Khorne. Aka a Nurgle Marine on a gaint maggot
  • Paint a Demon Prince with black mace, power armour and wings (arms are magnetized)
  • Paint a count as Bloodthirster
  • Paint a count as Beast of Nurgle
  • Paint a Daemon Prince of Nurgle (Mister Nurgle / Fat Plague Gentlemen)
  • Paint Dreadfleet with the miss
  • Built and paint myself a Plague Tower (because of Apocalypse coming!)
  • Built and paint some Black Templar terminators & Stormraven
  • ....
 I'm also rethinking my Nurgle Angels list. Two helldrakes are must in my list now.
And 3x 5 Plague Marines with Plasma guns. Two squads of Havocs with Autocannons and an Aegis Defence Line.

Good times are coming! The Emperor approves!
Papa Nurgle wants to hug you... If thats a good idea I don't know!

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