donderdag 7 februari 2013

Librarian Painting Challenge 2013

So let's see what have I done the past week? All that hard work finally comes to an end. It almost comes to an end! 5months to go! But now some painting pictures:

The Nurgle gang together
The purple dude represent the sergeant
What did I paint? Well I built 7 plaguebearers, 1 Herald of Nurgle, Khorne Lord and a Hellbrute with Plasma Cannon. This is for my Librarian Painting Challenge 2013. I hope to get a small Nurgle Daemon army together to be allies with my Nurgle Angels when the Daemons get a new codex. I also painted my Helldrake! So that's off the air.  Picture time:

The rest of my LPC vow:
Khorne Lord
Hellbrute with some small conversions. He needs some Nurglings on his head

Typhus as a pony. Great artwork! My girlfriend found this. Awesome!
Death Guard Marine Pony
Death Guard Terminator Pony

Mortarion as a pony

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