dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Double Trouble Tournament + Helldrake!

So last Sunday there was a Double Tournament in Leuven. We had to drive through the snow to get there. Was my first time during a snow "storm" and I must say It was a weird experience. Always looking out hoping the driver next to you doesn't start spinning. About the tournament:  It was fun! Had 3 great games so I can't complain. I went with Chaos Space Marine my teammate with his Imperial Guard.

First battle was against Double Eldar... Damn that was a nasty list! Was against the designer of Wobbly Model Syndrome and a friend of him. He had Jetbike Inner circle warlocks... Damn I hate those guys. With reroll 2+ cover saves and lots of flamers... They killed my teammates his Guard blob in one round of shooting... A whipe out. Did had some fun times. My team mate had some heroic moments with his guard. Marbo killing half the squad. A few deny the witch against the warlock jetbike squad. Overall a good battle but a such a nasty list.

Second battle was a Epidemus + Nurgle Marine list. Damn that was a fun game. 3 Nurgle armies and a guardsmen army. Best thing was! I killed some stuff with my Nurgle Marines. But my team mate killed most of the stuff also. Best thing was when both the chaos lords in there combat did the same attacks and took the same amount of wounds. And the combat with my Obliterators (who didn't do much of shooting in the whole Tournament)  against plaguebearers. We got the tally up to the 3+ Feel No Pain. So lol! We killed most of their army and thanks to the First Blood, Slay the Warlord + Linebreakers and most the troops killed we got a Crushing Victory (If I remember correctly)

Third and last battle was against 2 Games Workshop players. It was a fun game. One thing to remember is => Thunderfire Cannon has to be destroyed asap! But all we shoot at it he saved. Putting it behind a Aegis Defence Line... It was a exiting battle. Because we both killed his Thunder Hammer Terminator squad with massive fire! Thank you Steven for the advice ;)
Also in the end when we were counting points I found it really weird that suddenly when they heard we got more points of them their unit suddenly went up... Making it a Minor Lose for us. I was like yeah right? But was too tired to get into an argument. The trip home took a bit longer than expected but it was also okay to drive. 

Next up is my Helldrake!

Here it is! Geeft je Tijgerkracht!
No the box of cereals is a joke by some friends of mine.  Here is my little Daemon Engine baby! Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Inspiratation take from: Part 1 & Part 2

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