vrijdag 16 november 2012

Insurrection 4

So long time again that I posted something. If been to a tournament. Placed 43th due to a mistake from the judges. I mailed them to fix the mistake. But still nothing has changed. So how did It went the tournament? Typhus is a beast when he gets into combat, Plague Zombies are awesome and evil to irritate people. For example the last battle they stood up for 5turns against spawns! Even killing one! Or hold a biker lord with his 10men squad for 4turns and killing 2! 

First battle: Space Wolves Horde. With 40 grey hunters, logan grimnar, 10 wolf guard terminators & 3 long fang squad. This should have been a win because you had to bring a relic in your zone. I was contesting 1, 1 was protected by my land raider. And another one was 1inch to short in my zone… Stupid Vanguard strike!! A losing draw for me. Since he got the secondary objective with first blood.

Second mission was a total failure: I came up against Imperial Guard with 3 vendetta’s and 2 manticore. An aegis defence line with quad gune. He got first turn and shoot my Land Raider + my heavy bolter predator to a wreck… Hooray! Typhus has to walk! My zombies also went zombie walk style through difficult terrain. Ooh well I learnt that I have to watch out for placement traps of the opponent.  Lose for me

Avengers Necron Army!
Third battle was a fun battle. Versus Biker Nurgle Lord, Nurgle Spawns, 40cultists, 10 possed, 2 vindicators and 2 hellbrutes. This was the battle where my zombies where the units of the match. Really did a good job! This battle was a lose.
I had a good time at the tournament.  Instead of two time losing. It should have been win, lose, draw. Ooh well! Next time better! 24th November on Warpstorm!

A custodes Army (Count As Grey Knights)

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