zondag 30 september 2012

When real life hits you...

With the bat of "GET YOUR DIPLOMA!"
Real life is finally getting the better hand over my life. Sad but true! I'll have to let my plastic/ metal dudes go for a little year. Fear not! I will still go to tournaments, play games in my local game store (since I'm running a League there) and help getting the gaming club Replay from the ground. 
Next few months are going to be hectic. School, a team project, I'm ready for it! 
First I was like a screw this! I don't need that... But now I'm: "Screw them! I'll show what I got!!" A last year of school, which will be my toughest one ever. Lets hope everything will go okay!

Never the less! I'm up for it! It's not going to be easy, luckily I got friends who got my back and a wonderful girlfriend who supports me. 
Just remember this!
So my projects for now the schoolyear 2012-2013 will be:

  • The school project of course!
  • Getting a laptop for work for school
  • Doing my job @ my work.
  • Finish my Infinity army and play games with them,
  • Finish my stormraven base and display base ( I have till this weekend!)
  • Getting the club running and keep it running (thanks to the guys who will help me with it! Lucky not a one man job)
  • Going to Facts: meet some actors, Doctor Who Fans, buy something Star Wars/Doctor Who!
  • See Steel Panther concert and throw a dirty underwear after the singer
  • Go to Crisis 2012 to score some foam for my plastic dudes
  • See Stone Sour + Papa Roach concert and have great time
  • Finish my armylist Chaos Space Marines for Tournament Season 2013-2014
  • Getting a place with my girlfriend to live together
  • Getting that bloody diploma
I'll leave you guys with this band Sabaton!

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