zondag 23 september 2012

Fighting the Meta of 6th Edition

So played with my vindicator list a few times and I think I close to finding what I want for this list. But with Chaos around the corner and the dark gods whispering in my ears. I will just lay down the Blood Angels codex and focus on Chaos. So what would be the plan for Chaos and breaking the meta in 6th edition.

Take that new meta!
First of all let's look to the NOVA opens. There a blob imperial guard with space wolves won the tournament. And vehicles are almost completely from the field. So that leaves what? Footslogging marines and orks! I played against foot slogging orks A lascannon killing a battlewagon in the front and exploding it, Stormraven who got glanced down, vindicators who kill orks, he had one group of 30orks left. Came on the table with 80orks. Not that bad! Vindicators lasted till 3-4 turn. But with the new Chaos book I'm more looking into Imperial Guard allies for them. Will see if Chaos got something better then basilisk. I'm looking forward to the codex. The list for 1500pts Tournament would look something like this:

HQ: Librarian, with Divination goes with sternguard
Corbulo  goes with sternguard
5men sternguard (1combi plasma, combi melta, heavy flamer, sergeant got meltabomb) Rhino Dozerblade and search light
 2x Razorback with Lascannon, Twin Linked Plasma Gun, dozerblade and search light. Inside the razorback an assault squad with meltagun.
10men assault squad with 2x meltagun, powersword and melta bomb sergeant
Heavy support:
2x Vindicator with siege shield and search light
Stormraven with Twin linked Plasma Cannons and Twin linked multimelta

I'm not sure if this beating new meta. I'm just thinking out loud here. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong in a year!

 Ooh and last but not least! Painting work!
Infinity : Caledonian Highlander Army
Assault On Black Reach Terminators as Fire Angels
Assault On Black Reach Terminators as Fire Angels
Assault On Black Reach Space Marines as Fire Angels

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