maandag 27 juli 2015

Not slacking its vacation time!

So yeah it’s been a week that I’m in vacation mode. Kind of feels weird because all the days don’t feel right. Like a Saturday feels like a Thursday...
Why? Because Elda can!

I did some painting tough, went on the Team Belgium weekend (boy was that one hell of a tiresome weekend), finished Bioshock 2, I’m halfway Bioshock Infinite, watching Grimm, playing boardgames with friends, went Kitchen & bathroom shopping,…
Me vs 45 Flesh Hounds!
First Battle of 30k!
For the next couple of days I’m off to the Ardennen to stay with my parents (and my lovely wife) at their bungalow.  Fun times ahead! Next week I’m in Prague! Hopefully kicking some butt at the European Singles Championship! Wish me luck! 
Contemptor Dreadnought Finished!

Blood! More Blood!
Dark Angel Librarian Conversion
Only need a Salamander and a White Scar Libraria

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