donderdag 5 februari 2015

Late post, but ooh well!

So I did not make the Belguim 40k ETC team BUT!
Didn't make the team, was bit bummed out. But! I'm getting married, look for a house, see AC/DC live, going to European Single Championship!
I only did one highlight on my Space Hulk terminators, didn’t had much time last week and this week it will be a bit of the same. With the miss being sick. Hope to finish those guys Saturday. So I can paint and built some more Imperial Fists! And work on my Chaos Wolves.
Then there is our club doubles this Sunday.  22 teams coming so that’s 44 people in one place. Hopefully we can organize everything properly…

Been building a fun Space marine & Space Wolves list recently. Came up with this:

Primary Detachment: Space Marines (White scars)
Hq 1: chapter master (130), bike (20), power fist (25), shield eternal (50), artificer armor (20) [245]
Hq 2: chapter master (130), bike (20), power fist (25), storm shield(15), artificer armor (20) [210] (Needs power fist)
Troop 1: 5 bikes (105), 2 gravguns (30) [135]
Troop 2: 5 bikes (105), 2 gravguns (30) [135]

Troop 3: 5 bikes (105), 2 meltaguns (30) [125]  (needs building)
Troop 4: 5 bikes (105), 2 meltaguns (30) [125]
(needs building)
Fast Attack 1: Attack Bike Squadron: 3x Multimelta (165)  (needs painting)
Primary total (1140)
Allied Detachment: SW Company of the great wolf detachment
Hq1: wolf lord (105), thunderwolf Calvary (50), runic armour (20), power fist (25), storm shield(15), Fellclaw’s Teeth (15) [230] (needs painting)
Elite 1 : ironpriest (55) Thunderwolf Calvary (50)[105] (needs painting)
Elite 2 : ironpriest (55) Thunderwolf Calvary (50)[105] (needs painting)
Fast Attack 1: Thunderwolf Calvary (120), 1x Thunderwolf Calvary, 2x Power Fist (50), 2x Storm shield (30), Pack Leader, Power sword (15), Storm shield (15) [270] (needs painting)
 Secondary Total (710)
ARMY total [1850]

30K list:

Legion Praetor: (140) (needs painting)
Artificer armour, boarding shield, melta bombs, thunderhammer

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon (190)
(needs building)
Dreadnought close combat weapon, kheres pattern assault cannon
Templar Brethren (200)
(needs building & buying)
5x Combat shield

Legion Breacher Siege Squad (235)
(needs 50% more building)
Legion Breacher Siege Sergeant: Power weapon
Legion Breacher Siege Squad (235)
(needs building)
Legion Breacher Siege Sergeant: Power weapon

Hell Yeah!!

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