woensdag 26 maart 2014

40k beginner friendly tournament

Saturday 15th of March it was the 40k beginner friendly tournament at the Black Border in Roeselare.

Pretty simple the beginners could take everything in their armylist that they wanted, of course they had to keep the normal force organization chart in mind. The more experienced people had the restriction to a highlander list.  This meant that only one unit choice could be taken in the list with the exception of troops. Who could be taken twice. Squadrons where also not allowed in the highlanders army lists.

So I built this list:
HQ: Captain (90), The Shield of Eternal (50), Thunderhammer (30), Artificer Armour (20), Space Marine Bike (20) [210]
Command Squad (100), Space Marine Bikers (35), Apothecary (15), 4x Gravgun (60), 4x Storm Shield (40) [ 240]
Troops 1: Bike Squad (63), 2x Space Marine Bikers (42), 2x Meltagun (20) [ 125]
Troops 2: Crusade Squad (70) in Transport 1
Troops 3: Scout Squad (55), 5x Sniper Rifles (5), 5x Camo Cloaks (10) [70]
Fast Attack:
Fast Attack 1 : Stormtalon Gunship (110), Skyhammer Missile Launcher (15) [125]
Heavy Support:
Heavy Support 1: Predator (75), Lascannons (40) [115]
Transport 1 Rhino (35)
Total 1000pts

So how did the event go? Pretty well! The mission where all themed around the St. Patricks weekend.
 First round was against a grey knight list. With castellan crowe, 2 x 10 purifiers, a brotherhood champion and a riflemen dreadnought. 3 objectives in the middle and one was the pot of gold! He ended up losing everything except, 3 purifiers and his dreadnought. I had the pot of gold, slay the warlord and first blood. Win for me. Long live the grav guns! 

Second round was against Kobe. 
We had to get an objective and place it in our deployment zone. But you could also get your opponents and place it in your own. I did both! Long live the bikers! Linebreaker was 4points. We because you had to get the rainbow in the opponent his deployment.
He made me sweat alot... with his master of ordnance and his orders... Also I only wounded his guys on 5+ so that was a bummer... He had 2 flyers both with 2 veterans in it, a blob 30men with autocannons, a command squad and Marbo... We played four turns and in the fourth turn Kobe turned a win for me in to minor win. Damn all his flyers came in. Marbo did some wreckage and my lonesome Templar lost the fight against the blob.... He also made me all most lose my captain and command squad... fun game and exciting until the end.

Third round was against Sven with Black Templars. So we fought out which of us was the true Black Templar. Sven brought a squad of 10marines and 10 scouts. 5 sniper scouts, a bike Chapter Master, a chaplain, a bike squad with 2 grav guns and a stormtalon.
We had to secure the pot of gold in the center of the table. Only our HQ could score it. This would be a pain in the ass because of sven his bike blob who was fearless and zealot thanks to the chaplain.. So in the end I shot all his troops with the grav guns and killed his warlord!
 Overall I did good and played the missions. I like the command squad. The only thing I fear is that they will be an easy target. They only get one wound and got a 3+, 3++ and a 5+ feel no pain. Will have to test them out more for sure!

Results of the Event:

Best sportsmanship Jacky De Schepper

Steven Breughe 1e plek met 29 punten
Tom Dewilde 2e plek met 25 punten
Kobe Keymeulen 3e plek met 21 punten
Sebastian Aerts & Otten Jordi 4e plek met 20 punten
Donovan Stroobant 5e plek met 19 punten
Sven Hallewaert & Jonas Mahieu 6e plek met 15 punten
Solène Van Hoeydonck 7e plek met 14 punten
Ian Stroobant 8e plek met 11 punten
Jonas Van Driessche 9e plek met 7 punten
Nouwynck Dieter 10e plek met 6 punten
Jacky De Schepper 11e plek met 3 punten

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