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Challenge 8, Training Day 1, F.A.C.T.S. and Chaos/crons

So it’s been a month since a posted something. Living together with the girlfriend I do have some less spare time to write anything but do get some painting done. Got some paint on the chosen, built and painted a Nurgle Portalglyph,  built and got injured by a Destroyer Lord, built some extra cultists for the new list and built an extra biker lord. My spawns are there way. More worms! Thinking about painting them Red, Purple and Orange. 

Awesome Helldrake
Funny Helldrake

Imperial Guard + Space Wolves
It was Challenge 8 (28/29 September). I wanted to end up somewhere between so I took a Juggernaut lord. Something that would chew everything in assault, a Nurgle Lord with Burning brand to blaze some models from the board. 2 helldrakes for antihorde, 2 havoc squads with Autocannons & Lascannons and 4 troops. This would make a interesting day. I started with a rough match up the first battle. Screamer council and flesh hounds. Ouch… I don’t like these guys. Got a draw out of it. Then it was Tyranids with no flyrants and 2 tervigons. But some Tyrants with 3 Hive Guards and 2x 30 troops of gaunts. So even with 2 helldrakes I had some troubles… I did kill a lot of his gaunts. The two failed assaults made it in the end and he won the game. 

Dark Eldar Ravager
Lord of Change
Best Painted: Eldar

Raven Wing in action

Last battle was against spam Dark Eldar with Eldar allies for the Divination. He had first turn so he got to shoot first. Got first blood and just keep shooting my rhino’s and such dead till the game was over. That last match I knew it was over and placing somewhere in between was a thing of the past. I did get a 14/20 for my painting which made me happy and found some old school fleshhounds. I was 29th of the 32th people who came there. Could have done better… Ooh well had 3 fun games!
Getting my asskicked by Dark Eldar

So the first training day of Team.Be, 06 Octorber ,was interesting and fun! I learned a lot with the new list: Chaos Space Marines and Necrons! Tabled a 4 riptide list, of course this was with the help of the Team.Be folks and that I could redeploy instead of facing being tabled myself. Learned some nasty tricks and some handy things with the list. So the first battle was okay. We did something wrong with the force weapon and the warp charges. But we had good time. Now I don’t fear this list anymore.

The Four Riptide List
Some more pictures

Second battle was against tau. This was also a fun and intressing game. But I think I shouldn’t have gone after one riptide will the rest of his firebase was at the other corner. Ooh well lesson learned and next time will face time on a different way.
Look Tau and Grey Knights!

 And now I’m going for a Chaos + Necrons list. It’s more of a in your face list. And I kinda like that idea. Putting pressure on your opponent first turn and hopefully roll some good powers on Telepathy chart can make a difference.
Go get that Riptide!


HQ1 - Warlord : Sorcerer (60p),force axe (0p), Bike (20)p, +2 psycic levels (50p), Spell familar (15p), melta bomb (5p) [150pts]
HQ2 : Sorcerer (60p), force axe (0p), Bike (20)p, +2 psycic levels (50p), Spell familar (15p), [145pts]
Troop 1 : 10 x Cultists (50p), 10 x Autopistol & CC weapons, (0p) [50pts]
Troop 2 : 10 x Cultists (50p), 10 x Autopistol & CC weapons, (0p) [50pts]
FA1: 5 Spawns (150p), 5 x Mark of Nurgle (30p) [180pts]
FA2: 5 Spawns (150p), 5 x Mark of Nurgle (30p) [180pts]
FA3: 1 Helldrake (170p), Baleflamer (0p) [170pts]

HQ1 : Destroyer lord (125p), Mindshackle scarabs (20p), Sempiternal weave (15p) [160 pts]
Troop 1 : 5 x warriors in transport 1[65p]
Troop 1 : 5 x warriors in transport 2[65p]
FA1: 6 x wraiths [210p]
HS1: 1 x Doom scythe [175p]
Transport1 : Night scythe[100pts]
Transport2 : Night scythe[100pts]

Aegis defence line [50p]

ARMY TOTAL [1850pts]

My girlfriend as the Tardis from Doctor Who and Darth Vader
My girlfriend and me.
Tie Fighter!!

Today (20 October), it was F.A.C.T.S tourney in Flanders Expo of Ghent. This was an experience to remember. Lots of people walking around looking at you, maybe the doctor who cosplay had something to do with it, but I had 3 fun battles. Two of which I lost but I made the first opponent sweat until the end. He later ended up winning the tournament. It was a Tau and Eldar list, a very hard list to face and going up against. Second battle was against a friend of mine. He played Orks and Tau. So that was like again TAU? But he had also a in your face list. So, that was a bit of irritating. His trukks and battlewagon were like 1 inch from my wraiths and other units. My biggest mistake was not shooting at one of his trukks in the back so that I could assault of the units. Ooh well it was a fun game and we had some epic and fun moments. Third battle was against full Necrons, not much of everything and an okay list to do in tournaments. But I kind of knew what to do and to go up against it. He did do some great saves and wounds on his turn. This made a very exciting game as well. 
The score! 5pts for army list on time! And 10/10 paining!

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