dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Past few weeks and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all you Halloween fans! 

This is me sitting in the Iron Throne as the Doctor. Your argument is invalid!
 Okay where did I left? Ooh right! A new army list! Well I think I found one who I like. It contains zombies, an aegis defence lines, terminators and a land raider! Typhus makes cultists zombies! So fearless, feel no pain objective campers. Place them with an aegis defence line and fun for 2! 
At least that is what I'm hoping for! So how I'm doing with the year of no painting? Bad! I miss painting! I hate it that my models are grey or black and see the battlefield like this. And no I'm not crazy to ask a commission painter! Just a few more months till July! Then I can paint!
If built some stuff! And I'm going to built some more stuff! 20 Cultists from the Dark Vengeance box, love the models! Hope to get my hands on some more models to convert. I built a squad of 7 Nurgle Bikers. Cause T6 is like "Lol a lascannon shot?" If put some paint on 3 terminators, a count as cultists squad leader and my hellbrute.  

Chaos Lord / Sorceror on Bike
Chaos Lord with Black Mace
Bike Squad Leader
Bike Meltagunner (magnetized)
Bike Meltagunner + Half Bike Icon Bearer
Bike Icon Bearer
First 10 Cultists
Second 10 Cultists
Chaos Lord Mark Of Nurgle
Little bit of "Paint" done
Call Of Chaos V entry
I entered the Bolter and Chainsword Call of Chaos V. Chaos Lord in power armour with Mark of Nurgle. Then 14 plague zombies.
I'm also going to Crisis this weekend! But first will be Steel Panther! A crazy American rock / metal band with dirty lyrics. Looking forward to that show!  Next up is schoolwork, Leuven tournament Insurrection 4! 13days later it's time for Warpstorm 2012! The final 40k tournament of the year. And then In 2013 will see what it will be! If I remember correctly it was a team tournament.  On 1st November where going to a do big Apocalypse battle!  Let's go Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars! (Man I love my count as army!)

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