donderdag 13 november 2014

Battle for Signus Prime I

So with the extra long weekend I'm Belgium if been slacking a bit with posting.

Lets not forget the 11th November
First there was Saturday a tournament Battle for Signus Prime I. In my eyes I did good. First battle a win against Chaos Daemons with 32 Warp Charges. I feared this but in the end I played it smarter. I had some turns lucky with dispelling a lot his powers. He didn’t tried sometimes because I had 4-5 success and no perils! Got first blood by killing bloodcrushers he summoned. It went back and forth. He did summon a lot of stuff witch gave me killpoints. In the end it was 17-3 for me. 

Daemon vs Daemons
Onwards to round 2! This was a match up against Chaos Space Marines, luckily I know this codex. And maybe I got my hopes up to much. Like when I try to assault Maulerfiends and Spawn and he saves all his penetrating hits and glancing hits. Damned there goes first blood and my battle. It would have change a lot but still I got wiped by that…. 18-2 For Cedric who did a great battle. 
Why to close those guys!

Third battle was against Jungkoo, who I know from all the doubles he organized in Sint Niklaas. First time playing against Jungkoo. Which was a lot of fun. First it looked like I was gonna win it easy. Then things kinda turned. I failed to focus on all his wave serpents. Next time they are my primair target. I got lucky he did lock my screamer star with one of his Wraithknight. The game ended with one his wraithknight taking the relic and then moving around so I couldn’t grab it… Damned! 13 – 7 for Jungkoo.
Trying to take the relic

I visited the Ijzer Toren Sunday to remember the ending of World War I. Afterwards we went to a German Cemetery. Which was a bit weird to see. Gravestones flat on the  ground. Sadly some parents don’t teach their kids proper and one kid was running over them. I almost slapped the kid when he picked up a poppy and ran away with it…. *sigh*

Monday and Tuesday where painting days. So I finished two squad of Daemonettes and a Herald.

Orange Daemonettes
Herald of Tzeentch

Purple Daemonettes
Next up are these guys!

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