woensdag 15 januari 2014

Best of 2014!

I know I'm two weeks to late. Best Wishes for 2014! Good Dice roll, great battles and fun opponents!

Let’s recap fast: After Warpstorm 7 I did my first Malifaux 2nd tournament on 01-12-2013. I went to Antwerp for this to see some old friends and catch up with them. Also play some games. Which was fun but I need to learn a lot more! Should visit the local store more for the Malifaux league…
Then one week later on the 08-12-2013 it was Insurrection 5. Had some great battles there. Faced Orks, Grey Knights/Necrons and Tau/Eldar. Should have done better but had a blast! No photo’s cause I forgot my battery’s. As always the guys Gaming Lords Leuven did a great job with catering, hosting and organizing this event.
Photo's taken by Jerre
Photo's taken by Jerre
Winter is Coming was on the 22-12-2013 and was great way to end the year! It was a doubles
tournament. My teammate, Kimster, and I won best painted and went 3rd Place. Best painted was a tie with the other Replayers. Seems like we had the more wow-factor. Some fun games as well.

Juggernaut Lord vs some jetbikers
I ended the year with testing a Chaos Space Marine list with Be’lakor in. He ended up giving away first blood and doing not so much. My Chaos Sorcerer with Hallucination was the men of the match. He hallucinated a 14men squad to not strike a blow in close combat. Which made me go kill the squad and it was game over. So I ended the year with a win.
In 2014 the first battle was a loss. And Be’lakor ended up doing the same in the first battle with him. I got advice to play more defensive with him. Seem not like a bad idea. Will test this out other time.

Did I paint something towards the end of 2013? I started 5 grey knight terminators and finished them in 2014 the first few days. Below you can see them. I need to paint the banner and the bloodletter head. For now: Let’s have a great 2014!

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